Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[WTF] Japan Granado Espada Bernier AR 40

Finally Japan receive more update for themselves including this new Bernier Series AR 40

Currently Implemented Weapon : Magic Book, Knuckle, Fire Bracelet, Slayer (Greatsword) Pistol, Gaiter(?-unsure)

How to Obtain It?? I don't know, they said it can be get via roulette in higher mission room in Japan

These weapon has inbuild stats such as +80% all racial damage, +10 Penetration, -20% atk speed and -20 immunity(-unsure), and also be enchanted with some options

How to read it :
Melee, Ranged, Magic
ATK +1-50%
ATK +1-50
Accuracy 1-30 / Max SP 5-25%
Attribute ATK 1-40
Atk Speed 1-50%
Racial Damage +1-80%
PC ATK +1-40%

Basically it's very OP weapon with roughly max 50% atk + 160% Racial Damage + 40% PC Damage, you can hit bosses while you can PKing somebody.....

As a side note for Singapore REMBRANDT (NON PK) Server People:
I don't like PK at all, stop wasting others money to have yourself fun
My hard earned money wasted by burning Soul Crystal to kill bosses with small drops???
It not fun AT ALL. I like to be competitive in high end raids, but WHY NEED PK??

We are a good fucking peaceful server at the old times, but now it's broken by some factions greediness and stupid people giving hate and licking their own words.


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